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Moved to Hugo

I just changed my blog platform again, this time to Hugo. Yes, I know… but there is a very good reason, besides me having an OCD about trying out every new software out here. But to explain that, I have to start over…

I started blogging around 5 years ago, and as every newbie out there, I started with Wordpress. Being trained in the profane arts of computer science, I decided I should have a personal server, with my own installation of Wordpress and all. And so I did, and the thrill of having my own blog lasted for about 3 posts. Then the usual problem came to surface: I needed to be online to write in my blog! But my best ideas come to birth in the dark nights of coding and hacking, most of the time with no continuous Internet connection (hey, it is a third world country).n So I tried everything, from git to VirtualBox and in between, passing through some I’m-not-so-proud-of solutions like Microsoft Live Writer! But every solution fell short, either for being clumsy or complicated, and in the end my blogging desires vanished.

Then I met Jekyll, and its Python counterpart, Pelican, and fell in love with the concept of static web site generators. Now I could version-control my blog with git, host it on Github, and a simple rsync would suffice to put my stuff out there. After 2 years of almost zero blogging, that fresh air gave me enough impulse for another 5 posts or so (the ones your are seeing below this one) (yes, I have the habit of dropping out of boring –an sometimes important– stuff easily).

But then I wanted to do something more. I was getting annoyed from having to do a git push and then an rsync to have my content online. Why not just setup some hook and merge these two commands? So I looked for some time (I’m guessing a couple of hours) for some simple CLI-based web hook for git, and then got bored again and dropped out of blogging for another year or so.

Finally, one day I met Caddy. I got it together with the public release of (which is one the best things that happened to Internet since, well, since always), and fell in love again. Automatic HTTPS.a, super-simple configuration, and a very nice pluging that does exactly what I needed: create a web hook to run git pull. Right now, my Caddyfile for this blog is just this: {
    root /home/apiad/blog/public
    git {
        hook /hook hunter2 # ;)
        path ..
        then hugo -s /home/apiad/blog

So, what’s up with Hugo? Nothing, it just happens to be built with go (which is slowly becoming my latest language-crash), its superfast, and is pretty lightweight.

And also, Jekyll, Pelican and the like are so 2015…